A Suspicious Mind

Last week I received an email via my website from a production company, asking if the film/TV rights to An Unfamiliar Murder were still available. The thought of a professional company turning your hard work into a film should be a dream for any author, right? But… The cynic inside me immediately treated it with suspicion. Was it legitimate? We’ve all had those emails announcing that we’ve won millions of dollars and to contact them to claim…

The internet creates an environment where people can operate from behind an online façade and be anything they want to be which unfortunately means it can be manipulated. Coupled with the fact that hiding behind screens and keyboards negates the need to show body language, it therefore muddies the waters for our intuitive receptors. How do we know when an enquiry is real or merely a hoax?  Whilst most people I’ve met through social media online have been extremely courteous and pleasant, and some of which have become firm friends, I’ve also had my share of bad experiences and, unfortunately, because of a minority of scammers we immediately feel suspicious when we receive something like this.

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