Books, Waxwork Models and A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

You know that sizzle of excitement you get when the world around you seems like a constant party? Well that’s how the city of London feels to me, so you can just imagine my elation when the trip we’d planned for ages finally came to fruition.

Last Wednesday I found myself sitting on the tube beside a demure blond lady with a miniature Pekingese poking out of her handbag, opposite a Japanese guy with the sides of his head shaved and the top pulled back into a plume of a  ponytail; the couple on my other side chattering animatedly in French. Where else would I find such a pool of decadence, eccentricity and diversity in one place, less than an hour from home? I might love my rural life in the sticks, but I just can’t help dipping my toe back into the city from time to time – it’s infectious!

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