A New Website & A Book Sale

So you’ve written a book, managed to grasp the handle of social media, started doing events in the real world to get the word out there – but does it follow that you are a web designer too? Ummm. Afraid not. Sadly this is an area I’ve always struggled with, so much so that I paid to have my original website designed and managed externally.

I seem to find the whole concept of web design alien; as soon as somebody mentions hyperlinks and plugins I find myself closing my ears, singing loudly and search around frantically for a good book to lose myself in. Even with my blog I’ve lived under a blanket of fear, thinking that any minute I might press the wrong button and it would disappear in a puff of smoke.

But, after watching some of my writerly friends building and running their own sites recently, I thought I’d feel the fear and do it anyway. So here is my brand spanking new website.

I have to own up to the fact that I did enlist the help of a designer for the initial layout. My role will be more on the maintenance and updating front. And I’m assured that, even for a novice like me, it shouldn’t cause too many problems. Hmmm. Time will tell. But it’ll certainly be good to be able to add to it and change things myself without asking for help.

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