The Buzz Is On!

There is little better than the thrill you experience as a piece of your work is prepared for release. Whether it be a short story, novel, essay; fiction or non-fiction, the build up to sharing it with the world induces its very own piece of magic.

Years ago, before I turned to the quill and decided to write down my stories and ideas I had this idea of a writer sitting at their desk happily punching out their work, day after day – a simple life of creative indulgence and relaxation. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I spend copious hours of my life in the creative process: days, weeks, months sometimes getting to know my characters, trudging over the fields with Bollo wondering how they would react in certain circumstances, what makes them tick. I figure that if they’re not real to me, they’ll never come alive and jump off the page for my readers. Then there’s the setting to consider, the plot, the sub plots, the research, the structure, the secondary characters… Not to mention getting time to set your butt on the seat and type!

And even when you’ve drawn up your piece, you still need the opinion and amendments of an experienced editor to polish and make it better, artists to prepare cover, experts to format it so that it reads correctly in print.

This past couple of years has been a huge learning curve for me. The reality of the writing world is that there is an awful lot going on behind the scenes before we get to share and celebrate. And I guess this is what makes that release day feel all the more special.

My next piece is a short story entitled ‘After the Rain’. It will appear in Rainstorm Press’ new anthology ‘Through the Eyes of a Storm’, due for release at the end of April. This is a very exciting one for me because my little story will appear alongside some very talented writers whose work I’ve read and enjoyed. I look forward to sharing the cover art with you when it’s available.

So, the buzz is on and the butterflies are already starting to circle in my stomach. This one has a really good feeling about it.

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    • Thanks, Justin. Glad you enjoyed the last one. I have no idea about the time. Beats me – it’s spring over here now and still not a moment to blink! I’m following your progress with interest, my friend, and looking forward to the release of your forthcoming novel. Thanks for stopping by x

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