The Character Mug

This week I’d like to share a photo of this delightful mug that one of my friends gave me as a present at my book launch. I should probably say that she is really my husband’s friend as although we had spoken several times via Facebook and email in the past, my book launch party was the first time we actually met face to face. And what a thoroughly lovely lady she is.

Her name (I don’t think she’ll mind) is Kate Anderson and she is an English Literature graduate and great reader, so my husband suggested her as a beta reader for The Truth Will Out when it was in its very raw state. She did a wonderful job and gave me valuable feedback on the plot and characters and I’m immensely grateful for her input.

But the mug was a great surprise! It contains all the key characters from both my first and second books. What makes it especially dear is that it was completed during the drafting stage of book two, and later, as often happens during editing, some characters were withdrawn and others changed names.

Needless to say, I absolutely love it. What a charming memento to keep and remind me of my work. Although I’m not sure it’ll ever see a coffee granule – ornamental use only for this one!

In other news, I’d like to thank the lovely staff at Waterstones, Kettering for hosting my book signing yesterday. It was good fun and great to meet you all.

This forthcoming Saturday I’ll be signing at Waterstones in Northampton from 11-2pm. Do come along for a chat and a slice of cake if you are free.


Have a great week everyone!

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