The Chocolate Book Challenge

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Alison Gray to compare some of my favourite books to chocolate – you can read her blog here. I’ve picked up the baton and shared some crime fiction reads. You will see that I’ve broken the rules a little but, as it’s my blog, I decided that was okay.

I’m a Cadbury’s girl through and through, but I wanted to be a little inventive with my chocolate choices here. See what you think.



Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate with Ginger – a bitter dark chocolate with spikes of ginger

One of my favourite novels of all time, Highsmith takes us on the ride of Ripley’s life as he pursues his dreams at the cost of any serial killer amidst a smooth American and Mediterranean backdrop, and plays a cat and mouse game with the police in the process.


Mars Snickers – smooth chocolate with a nougat centre and a nutty edge

I know, I know, I’m cheating a little today as two of my choices are up and comings but, honestly, I really enjoyed the smooth, nutty twists and turns of Linda’s debut psychological thriller, The Paradise Trees, so much that I can’t wait for this one to be released on 1st August.


Chilli Drinking Chocolate from Hotel Chocolate – chocolate that packs a punch

Bea’s first novel, In Too Deep, was released in 2013 to high critical acclaim. I loved the North East setting and the originality of the twist in the story. This Little Piggy is due out on 1st October 2014.

Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges

Described as ‘exotic applewood smoked bacon mixed with Alder wood smoked salt milk chocolate’, this is the only chocolate here that I haven’t tried but I did think the title and description quite fitting for Mo’s dark tale of the troubled Grey, whose obsession with the massacres of Nanking in 1937 brought her to Tokyo in search of a missing film depicting the atrocities committed by the Japanese during this time. This quest sets her on a ride that examines the underbelly of Japan’s capital and is a hauntingly moving novel that stays with you long after you have finished.


I’m tagging two other writers and very dear friends to share their chocolate delights with us next week. They are:


Rachel Stirling –  ‘I’m a Human Psychology graduate and Literature nut who spends most of my time writing, when I’m not reading. I tell people this is a good thing. Sometimes I’m right.’


Michelle Knowlden – Having spent over twenty years writing short stories, of which many were included in anthologies (14 alone were published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine), in December 2013 Michelle published the first novella in a quartet of Abishag mysteries, SINKING SHIPS, on Amazon Digital Services.


I can’t wait to see what they come up with!


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