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I have been invited by Clive Mullis, author of Banker’s Draft, to participate in this event. Do take a look at Clive Mullis’ blog to find out more about him and his book.


This blog tour was established to address the myth that we British are stuffy, class conscious, boring and staid. Be warned, there’s no room for tea and cucumber sandwiches here. (On the other hand ~ do share the Pimms and strawberries.) Let’s find out a bit more of what we are about:


Q. Where were you born and where do you live at the moment?

I was born in London within the sound of the Bow Bells, although if you met me you’d never know as we moved very soon after. I currently live in rural Northamptonshire, surrounded by rolling, open countryside.

Q. Have you always lived and worked in Britain or are you based elsewhere at the moment?

I have always lived in the UK, but travel is a passion of mine and I do love to wander!

Q. Which is your favourite part of Britain?

That’s a very difficult question! I love the peace and tranquillity of the Scottish Highlands, but then the Jurassic beaches of Dorset are very enticing, alongside the amazing architecture of Bath, and then there’s the enchanting city of London. Goodness – everywhere. I think I’d be nomadic by choice.

Q. Have you ‘highlighted’ or ‘showcased’ any particular part of Britain in your books? For example, a town or city; a county, a monument or some well-known place or event?

My first book is set in a fictional town, loosely based on my own and many local readers have recognised associated landmarks. My second is a sequel, partly based in this fictional town, and partly based in the Scottish Highlands where I’ve holidayed every year for the last twenty years. I’m just starting my third which will be set in the wonderfully picturesque Stratford Upon Avon.

Q. There is an illusion – or myth if you wish – about British people that I would like you to discuss. Many see the ‘Brits’ as ‘stiff upper lip’. Is that correct?

Ha ha ha! That is a rather nineteenth century Jane Austenesque view. Having spent a year travelling the world I think you’ll find people that could be described like this everywhere. Generally we are rather reserved but incredibly friendly and open, and we have a wonderfully self deprecating self of humour. I love living in Britain, although a little more sunshine would be nice.

Q. Do any of the characters in your books carry the ‘stiff upper lip’? Or are they all ‘British Bulldog’ and unique in their own way?

My characters are made up of fragments of many different people I have met. I wouldn’t say my main characters are quintessentially British; certainly no bulldogs or aristocracy here. They do however share a sense of determination coupled with a vulnerability that I think you will find anywhere in the world.

Q. Tell us about your recent books

An Unfamiliar Murder is my debut novel and tells the story of Anna Cottrell who comes home from work to find a dead body of a stranger in her flat. This presents the first case for DCI Helen Lavery and we follow the police investigation through her eyes. I love the cat and mouse race of mysteries, weaving in all those twists and turns that make a book unputdownable.

I’m just putting the finishing touches to the sequel which will hopefully be out later this year.

In The Murder Code a case that initially appears straightforward unravels secrets that plunge DCI Lavery into the underbelly of Hampton’s organised crime fraternity, uncovering a trail of corruption that ultimately brings the threat of murder to her own door.

Q. What are you currently working on?

I’ve just started a new detective series set in Stratford Upon Avon which I’m very excited about. The working title is The Coffined Orchid.

Q. How do you spend your leisure time?

My passions are family, dogs, travel and reading. I’m also a perennial student and will be shortly starting a course in criminology – great research for forthcoming novels!

Q. Do you write for a local audience or a global audience?

I figure that, as an author, you have to love your work before you share it with others so I write books that I would like to read myself. My passion is for page turning thrillers with richly deep characters that are so real they leap off the page. The books are written for anybody who shares that passion, no matter where they are located.


Here’s a list of some of the other authors who participated in this tour. Each author has been asked the same questions and answered them in their own individual way. Enjoy reading their posts!

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14 thoughts on “The Great British Blog Tour

  1. I love reading these! And I really like the pictures; the church looks a bit like Earls Barton church – is it? You do what I do – fictional towns that closely resemble real ones. Having said that, my novel Nobody’s Fault is mostly set in Northampton, but I haven’t names any of the places in it, though I know exactly where they all are – even down to the flat overlooking Abington Park…

    Thank you for adding the link to my post, much appreciated x

    • Hi Terry!
      It’s actually a church in Stratford, the setting for my current WIP, although I agree it does look a lot like Earls Barton
      I look fward to reading your books. It will be fun to guess the inspiration behind the locations!

  2. What a wonderfully relaxed interview. I didn’t find the English at all ‘stiff upperlip’ when I was there. More open, humorous and interesting. I guess we all have inbred views and just need to get out and experience life away from couch and television!

    Greetings from Germany, Viki.

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