The Hard Graft

I got a little side-tracked whilst working through the edits and preparing my second book for its forthcoming release. So much so, that I lost my way with my current work in progress.  It didn’t help that I’d just hit the two thirds mark on this book – often the place where the plot twists and turns scratch against the lining of my brain and keep me awake at night.

I pushed it aside, enjoyed a break over Christmas, thinking that I’d pick it up again in the New Year, but this didn’t really happen. January brought with it a new idea for a third DCI Lavery novel which I started, and then a separate notion for a standalone psychological thriller which I wrote an opening for. I was playing with ideas, having fun, enjoying myself, indulging the writing process but not really achieving anything.

Last week, three emails changed all of that. First I received an email from a new reader who’d enjoyed the first book and asked me when the second was out (always a lovely message to receive for any author). The day after I received a message from a friend who’d proofed the second book to say how much she enjoyed it, and the following day I received an email from my editor at Legend Press asking me if I wished to submit a new novel for consideration for their 2015 lists. Wow – I was quite bowled over at such a run of lovely messages! When I finished my first book in December 2011, I never for one moment thought it would reach print, so to have another coming out and to be asked if I had anything else in the pipeline? It’s author’s dream, right?

These emails spurred me into action and made me realise that I needed to put the work in and finish that all important third book.  Writing isn’t just about drawing characters, penning poetic prose, indulging in those wonderful scenes. It’s about knuckling down and getting the hard graft done too. So this weekend I dusted off my script and made a start. There’s a huge amount of work to do, areas to research, and lots of text to write, but once I’d got my head around the plot I started to feel that injection of excitement that comes with immersing yourself in an interesting project, whatever it may be. I’m resolved to focus on this novel, at least until I have a first draft.

In other news, the first events for The Truth Will Out are starting to be noted on the calendar. It’s been a while, over two years in fact, since I released An Unfamiliar Murder, but it’s lovely to start to think about getting out there again. I have my first signing arranged in Waterstones, Kettering on Saturday 12th April and I’ve also been invited to sit on the crime panel at the BeaconLit Literary Festival in Bucks on Saturday 28th June. This will be my first author panel and I admit that the butterflies are starting to circle at the prospect, but I’m really looking forward to it all the same. Here’s their announcement.

Also my guest post for the Rainstorm Press blog is live at the moment, talking about where writerly ideas come from. I’d love you to hop over and take a look.

Later this week, we will be joined by Kristen Valentine who will be sharing her recent experience of Iceland with us. It’s a wonderful post and if you didn’t want to visit Iceland beforehand, I guarantee you’ll be hankering for it after you’ve read Kristen’s piece.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. I wish you all the very best with whatever projects you are focusing on at present.

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