The Launch of Before It’s Too Late

Book release week feels a little like celebrating a joint birthday or an anniversary. The author writes the work but that little package of paper is the culmination of several years of work in many cases, and input from so many different people along the way from the early beta readers that feedback their views on the rough draft, to the editor who knocks it into shape, to the person who designs a cover. Then there’s the launch where people chip in, send lovely messages of support, make cakes and come along to join the celebration.

Launch table better
Release day was marked by so many special messages. The online community are a wonderful confidence boost (especially for those who suffer the pre-release nerves like me!) and I’m so grateful for their support.

Launch J Griff
On Wednesday I attended an interview on the John Griff show on BBC Radio Northampton. John welcomed me with Victoria sponge to celebrate the launch and was his usual professional self. He puts so much into his work and had already read the book which made for a very thorough interview.

On Thursday I was interviewed on Nene Radio, a local station who were similarly welcoming and friendly.

Launch family
Friday was launch party night and so many friends and family came out to celebrate with me on the beautiful sunny evening at Waterstones in Market Harborough. I’d like to extend my thanks to Simon and the staff at Waterstones who put together a fabulous evening (and send apologies for running over – ooops!). This is a very friendly store, I’d definitely recommend paying a visit if you live nearby.

On Saturday morning I did my first reading at Kettering Library as part of KettFest. Thanks to Liz Kearns and Jo Selby-Green for inviting me along. It was great to be a part of this local event.


Huge thanks to everyone who supported me this week, either online or through one of the events, and helped to make it so special. Also to my dear brother, Derek, who took most of the pics you see here and to my neighbour and friend, Donna, who made the cake – it tasted as good as it looked!

I’d also like to send a special note of gratitude to everyone who has read the novel and especially to all those people who have posted early reviews. These are so valuable in helping new readers decide whether or not to take a chance on the book and I’m eternally grateful for your support.

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