The Markets of the Dordogne

Some of the most attractive elements of France are the little nooks and crannies that scream out to be explored. Nestled within these, once a week (or twice in some areas during high season) a market fills the area with colour, music and local chatter.

French nooks
The French markets are like no other I’ve been to, particularly in terms of produce. Whole stalls are given over to one variety of foodstuff: garlics the size I’ve never seen in the UK; olives of many shapes, sizes and colours; fresh breads and pastries; not to mention the cheese and meat stalls. The smells of fresh food pervade the air, making even the most discernible palate hungry. Unfortunately our pics of the meat stalls didn’t come out, but here are a few highlights of other market stalls from our recent trip:

If you are planning a visit to the Dordogne, I would heartily recommend a visit to one of their street markets. Bask in the soaring temperatures, chat to the stall holders and sample the local wares. If you are self-catering you can bring it all home and sit on your verandah, or take it out and picnic next to fields of sunflowers. There are certainly worse ways to pass a day…


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