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This past week has been a hectic one. A combination of preparing for my daughter’s forthcoming birthday, travelling to London for a friend’s book launch (which was wonderful – do check out the photos on the last blog post if you haven’t done so already), and working extra hours in the day job left me worn out with little personal time for reading and writing. So you can imagine my delight when I arrived home on Friday to find this parcel waiting for me.

I was aware that audio rights to The Truth Will Out had been signed, but I had no idea when the release was scheduled for. The delivery was therefore met with much surprise and excitement.

The unabridged box set contains eight CDs spanning almost nine hours and is read by Cathy Sabberton, whose bio claims numerous theatre and TV credits including Emmerdale and Cold Feet.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I placed it in the machine and pressed play. I admit, when the CD started it did feel rather strange to hear my own words read aloud. But Cathy’s beautifully engaging reading voice quickly allayed any nerves. Very soon I became lost in the story and it felt like I was listening to a play, or ‘Book at Bedtime’ on Radio 4. I wasn’t sure how she’d cope with some of the voices in the book, like DS Pemberton’s Yorkshire accent, yet she seemed to adjust her voice effortlessly, allowing the story to flow.

I’ve only listened to the first CD, but I have to say I’m truly delighted with the results so far. It’s such a huge thrill for somebody like me to hear my words being read by an accomplished actress. I’d like to express gratitude to Oakhill Publishing for taking a chance on The Truth Will Out and giving me my first audio book, and send a huge thanks to Cathy Sabberton for her wonderful reading.

The Truth Will Out audio version is available here. You can also purchase it from Oakhill direct and, if you are interested in audio books generally, I’d recommend checking out their catalogue. There’s a cracking selection of books there.

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