The Truth Goes Large, A Research Trip & A Book Club

This week I received my author copies of the large print version of The Truth Will Out. This is my first large print and interestingly it’s quite different to the other versions of the book.


They’ve zoomed in to show just a part of the cover art, replaced the black, grey and red colouration with a green tinge, and changed the blurb slightly. The overall result looks almost like a different book and it’s lovely to have a hardback to sit on the shelf alongside my other titles.

In other news, I’m about two thirds of the way through the first draft of my new novel. This week I’m heading back over to Stratford upon Avon to finalise some of the settings. After my trip in the summer with my teen, I realised that driving and researching/looking for potential sites didn’t really go together. While I was grateful for her impressive navigational skills, this time I’ve enlisted the help of a dear adult friend to do the driving so that I can soak up the atmosphere and check out the settings in detail, without taking my eyes of the road and scaring the local drivers!

I’m looking forward to enjoying a coffee beside the river and re-aquainting myself with the place. After so many trips to Warwickshire over the past few years I’ve got to know Stratford town well enough that it now holds special memories, so it will be a bit like visiting an old friend. I’ll share some pictures of my visit on the blog next week if I’m able.

Also this week, I’m honoured to have been invited to do an author question and answer session on Facebook’s Crime Book Club on Thursday evening from 6 – 8pm GMT. Do come along and join me if you can. If you’re not already a member, and you are passionate about crime fiction, I’d definitely suggest joining. Membership is free and there are some great recommendations and book discussions on there, as well as monthly question and answer sessions with a diverse variety of authors. Hope to see you there.

Have a great week, all.

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