The Truth Is Almost Out!

We’re nearly there. It’s now officially less than a month until my new book comes out and I’m feeling a fluttering of excitement, and maybe a little jangling of nerves too.

I know, I know. It’s the second time. I should know how to behave. But these past few weeks have been filled with last minute preparations, endorsements, print runs, event planning and early reviews – all very exciting stuff! Let me share a little of it with you.

I have been so lucky to get some wonderful endorsements from top crime writers Alison Bruce and Phil Rickman:

Alison Bruce, ‘”Meet DCI Helen Lavery. Capable. Vulnerable. Driven.’

Phil Rickman, ‘The criminal world is always closer than you think… Tense and cop-savvy. ‘

I also got two glowing pre-release reviews from LizlovesBooks and Mari Ellis. If you want to know more about the Truth Will Out you can read their full reviews here and here.

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes to organise a launch party. With my first book my dear friends, Phil and Jean, held a dinner party in my honour. It was such a special evening. This time I have been offered a bookshop launch and although I know I’ll be nervous, I really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Publishing is a strange world and I may never be in this situation again, so I’m going to go all out.

You may recall that Legend Press initially talked about a London launch but… when I took time to think about it, I had second thoughts. It seemed unfair to ask all my friends and family, those people who I really want to share the celebrations with, to travel such a distance. So after much soul searching I have decided to have a local launch which will be held in Waterstones, Market Harborough on the eve of Friday 4th April. I know some people like my dad and other friends will still have to travel, but hopefully this will make it easier for the majority.  I think it will be a fun evening and hopefully I will be able to persuade Ella to make some cakes too – a real treat! If you would like to come along please message me either here, email, Twitter or Facebook.

Aside from the launch, I’ve also a few other events to announce:

2nd April – I will be on BBC Radio Northampton at 3.10pm on Wednesday 2nd April chatting to John Griff about the new release.

12th April – Book signing at Waterstones, Kettering, 10-3pm

19th April – Book signing at Waterstones, Northampton, 11-2pm

28th June – I will be sitting on the Crime Writers panel at Beaconlit Literary Festival

Finally, as part of the book is set in the Scottish Highlands, I will be travelling up to Scotland to do some events there during May. Details to follow soon.

I would like to thank all the Legend Press team, and my dear family and friends, who continue to help with all the planning behind the scenes. April is shaping up to be a great month.

Thank you for reading this update. Wishing you all a great week.

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  1. The cover looks great. I’m looking forward to reading the book. And, of course, I hope you report all the salacious details of the launch party.

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