The Wanderlust…

I’m not sure whether it’s the endless days of stormy weather, the shortage of sunshine or just that UK January thing, but these past few weeks I have been struck by a huge bout of the wanderlust.

It’s not unusual for me. When hubby and I returned from our travels thirteen years ago the general consensus from our friends and family was, ‘Now that they’ve got it out of their system they’ll settle down.’ Problem is, a year packed with adventures like trekking through the hill tribe villages of Northern Thailand, whale watching New Zealand, walking behind waterfalls in Australia, watching the sunset on Waikiki beach in Hawaii only served to increase my zest to see more.

Hubs and I often discuss our current most-wanted places to visit: Mine is presently Iceland – the thought of wandering across a landscape dominated by volcanoes and geysers simply blows my mind. For him it’s navigating the ancient trails of Machu Picchu in Peru. Whilst these are realistic dreams, they have to be planned and saved for and raising a family means that our current wanderlust needs to be curbed to more modest expectations.

One of the good things about living in Britain is that we not only enjoy a wide range of wonderful countryside that isn’t far from the towns and cities we inhabit, but we are also steeped in history which has left many ancient relics dotted around the landscape to be explored. You don’t have to travel far to visit a stately home, pop into an ancient church, take a family walk across rolling hills or enjoy a trip to a museum.

So this weekend we decided to address this wanderlust and cleared our blackboard in the kitchen, only to fill it with all the exciting things we want to do, and places we wish to visit. These are fun tokens, plans that we look to experience and explore over the months and years to come. It feels good to have them smiling down at us from the wall and I look forward to sharing them with you all. The only snag is that I think we might need to get a bigger blackboard.

In other news, this week crime writer Janet O’Kane will be joining us to talk through her motivations for setting her debut novel, No Stranger to Death, in the Borders. A great post.

I wish you all a great week full of exciting adventures. Do feel free to share any recommendations for our list.

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