Those All New Experiences

Aside from the writing, the aftermath of having a book published opens the gates to a whole new range of adventures. For my part I’ve joined social media, learnt about the online world, attended events, met some very interesting people and made lots of new friends – all very enjoyable.

There are those experiences that have taken me out of my comfort zone too. I don’t mind admitting that the opening minutes of my first crime panel at Beaconlit Literary Festival last year, seated on a stage beside two highly acclaimed crime writers, scared the hell out of me. I’m still finding my way with talks – I wouldn’t say they get easier, but certainly more comfortable the more I do and it is so lovely to get out and about and meet people.

The business side of being an author has been a huge learning curve. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing my face on a poster for an event, but I don’t flinch anymore and new experiences are cropping up at the time. This week Legend Press asked me to record a short film about the new book and email it to them. It took a while to bolster the courage and work out what I was going to say but finally, the other evening, after a few giggly attempts, my hubby and I knuckled down and managed to film something which turned out to be three minutes of footage. With the help of my dear friends on Twitter I downloaded the requisite software to enable me to email it and the capable Lucy at Legend Press has split it into two short films, one of which is above.

I must admit I have let it sit about for a week while I cringed inwardly about the wide range of facial expressions I pull. Then I thought… what the hell. You guys might as well have a chuckle at it too.

So, here is my latest experience. Another one to tick off the list. I wonder what will be next?


This post is dedicated to all the peeps on Facebook and Twitter for their constant help and friendship. It’s such a wonderfully supportive world out there and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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