Those Classic Parenting Moments…

This is a year of ‘lasts’ for me in motherhood. It marks the end of primary education, those splodgy paintings, packed lunches, and spelling books. Last school pancake race where children line up and run the length of the playground, tossing their pancakes; last Christmas play (my daughter was narrator this year – far too cool to sing and dance), last May Day (where the girls dress in white with little posies, boys in little suits, and they perform a country dance in the playground), last sports day…  As my daughter approaches eleven and completes year 6, she moves out of Primary School and onto Secondary where the full focus is on academia.

As our children grow we notice the little differences creep in. Their personality builds and character develops, as they vie for independence. Currently, ours loves a good practical joke and wants to be a scientist when she grows up. Next week, that could all change. But, as the innocence fades, we still cherish the moments when they come out with those classic little comments – comments that allow my husband and I to share a wry smile across the table, a wink over her head. Let me share some of her recent little gems with you:


 “If you spray deodorant into the shower gel it pops and fizzes over.” Hmmm – when was that last shower?

“Mummy, you look like Cinderella with a hangover.” That was early one morning, and no – I hadn’t even touched the wine the night before…

“If you turn the shower head and spray it at the ceiling, it looks like it’s raining inside…”

“Do they colour cherries? Because if they do, there’s no wonder this country’s in economic crisis.”


I thought you might enjoy some of these. Would love to hear some of your classic little moments…

12 thoughts on “Those Classic Parenting Moments…

  1. Love the passage of time measured with witty moments and family time, Jane. I can see Bollo holding a paw over his eyes at the thought of inside rain LOL. The only thing that comes close in our home, since there are no kids, is the fun time we’ve had teaching Kipling how to play hide and seek. Zippy is a master teacher, and one of us will hide, inside and outside, backtracking, false paths, and the last time, inside, both Zippy and Kipling couldn’t find me, and Kipling started crying in frenzied disappointment. The dogs know the command: Find Justin . . . Where’s Chris? . . . and with a final hint, a whistle, the game ended with a happy squeal and a lot of chagrin, on Zippy’s part, since he hates hints.

    • LOL – That is so lovely. GS’ are such wonderfully loyal dogs, it is the perfect game for them. Very soon, she will out wit you all, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your magical moments.
      Bollo would love inside rain BTW – he’s such a water pup. Let’s hope they don’t conspire LOL:)

  2. Lovely post, Jane! It reminds me that I need to treasure all of our moments together as a family, while I’m laughing – those quotes are priceless (and as you know I’m now one of your daughter’s biggest fans)! Picture this: our daughter, 3, with brand new scooter riding up and down our hallway wearing nothing but her red Dora the Explorer underwear. Got a picture, which she’ll hate later, but I’ll always love it!

    • Hey Kristin! Thanks for stopping by. That sounds like a magical moment to keep for posterity-even the thought makes me smile. Love the innocence of that age. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Oh, that bit about the shower was too cute. My little one has only gotten started in school. She moves on to first grade soon. It makes my stomach tighten with anxiety a bit to think of her growing up so fast. I’m trying to cherish the time, but it seems as if time is on fast-forward. How to slow it down?

    • Hey Amber! I can’t answer that one, I’m afraid. Children are the most precious gift, we just have to make the most of every magical moment. Your little one sounds great and you’ve still got lots of laughs to come – believe me!

  4. Three sons… and yes they were rapscallions!
    Everything boys could get into… they did times 3!
    But the funniest was the day they were fighting (a usual occurrence) and I sat them down in a row. How cute is that? 🙂 Anyway, I asked my oldest son Jesse why he was picking on his brother Tim (son number 2) and he said… “All I did was…” and smacked him across the face. Good grief! Right in front of me. Kelyn, only 2 at the time, just stared at them like they were nuts! Me too! (Tim got him back… oh well)

    They’re all grown up now and those bonds from childhood were forged in fire… and solid. They couldn’t be closer.
    Cherish the years… they pass too quickly.

    • Hi Marilyn! Thanks for stopping by. Your comment made me laugh out loud. That’s so funny. It’s great to see how memories are formed and stay with us over the years. Your boys sound like loads of fun and I’m sure they’ve carried that through to adulthood. Thanks for sharing and do stop by again:)

  5. lol! Too funny the things she has said. I can just picture her doing things that would get he rin trouble without realizin g that she shouldn’t be doing them; instead just ebing wrapped up in the curiousity of what she was doing. 🙂

    I have seven children (although three of them are no longer children) and they are constantly making me smile with the things they say.

    • Hi Rebecca! Lovely to see you here. Glad you enjoyed the post. Seven children – wow – they must give you plenty to smile about. It’s all about making memories:)

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