Those ‘Pinch Me’ Moments

Years ago, I imagined being an author was much like that of the character played by Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote: sitting at a computer for a couple of hours a day, emptying the words onto a page, with a publisher hovering in the background who puts it all together and makes it a huge success.

Of course, as is always the way, the reality of the situation is very different. For me, some days the words will flow and on those days there is no greater feeling. Others days however, can be are full of procrastination as I do everything I can to avoid the vagueness of a blank screen. Then there’s those days when all the previous work is unpicked, re-written or simply deleted because the story isn’t quite working. Even when the novel is finished, there’s still editing, proofing and lots of waiting around until it finally hits the shelves.

I guess that’s the reason I still marvel at novels. I feature a lot of new releases on here because creating a rich story with believable characters and twists a turns aplenty is no mean feat. Finishing the book in itself is a huge achievement and sharing it with the world takes great courage. After publication, every now and then, there are those special moments: a message from a reader or a good review, that an author cherishes and these are moments, however large or small, that should celebrated and enjoyed.

Smith book

This week, my husband spotted my second book in a bookstore in a nearby town and took this photo to show me.

Seeing one of my books in a shop or a library is a strange feeling. It’s a bit like stopping at a crossing to let a line of school children cross, when you suddenly recognise your child amongst them. You think, ‘That’s my one!’ and a warm feeling of pride fills your chest as you watch them from afar. I’m under no illusions, of course he propped my book up for the purpose of the photo. And they are probably books left over from my signing before Christmas. Nonetheless, it was still lovely to see it there, featured on a table with other local authors and a very special ‘pinch-me’ moment for me.

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with lots of successes, however large or small, to be celebrated.

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