Twelve Months of The Truth

Thoughts of the new book coming out in just a week has put me in a reflective mood today. It’s hard to believe The Truth Will Out was released just over a year ago.

The Truth Will Out Cover

It’s been a busy year. Although this was my second novel (my first was released in America and only available on Amazon in the UK), it was my first readily available to bookstores and through distributors over here. I attended events, many of which were ‘firsts’ for me like my first author panel, my first library and school talks, and recorded my first video blogs. All new experiences – some a bit scary, but all good fun. Watching it soar to number two in the police procedural charts, just below my heroes of Peter James and Peter Robinson, was an amazing experience. It also took me by surprise when it cracked the Kindle Top 100 several times – most recently reaching number 10.

So today, before the new book is released and pushes it aside, I’m celebrating a year of The Truth Will Out. I really enjoyed working with the characters and putting it together and would like to thank everyone who has supported me with events, and every reader who has taken a chance on The Truth – without you there would be no books; I really appreciate all of you.

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