U Got The ‘Look’

My wonderful Tweep friend, Dionne Lister, recently tagged me in this fun writing prompt game. U Got The ‘Look’ asks you to take your current manuscript, search for the word ‘look’, and post the surrounding paragraphs. Finally, you tag five authors to share their work and continue the game.

I thought I’d share a snippet from my upcoming short story, Perilous Truths, due to be released in the anthology, Crime After Crime, by Bridge House Publishing in November:


Mitch turned away, struggling to calm his quivering limbs, and took a deep breath. Don’t look at him. Stay composed. The metallic stench of blood proved overwhelming. Fighting every one of his body’s natural reactions he exhaled slowly and watched the puffs of white air disperse into the cool atmosphere as he strode over to the factory entrance.

Hauling a Jerry can to his side, he crossed back over the concrete floor, stepping over broken bits of wood, scraps of metal, shards of glass, his gaze still averted. He forced his mind to wonder; speculating what this disused factory unit had been used for, before it closed down. What had they made here?

The sound of Kenny gnashing his teeth, followed by a large sigh, broke his abstraction. “Need a hand with that lad?”

“No.” Mitch was taking too long, he knew that; delaying the inevitable…


Hmmm. So, now I need to nominate five other authors. Here we go:

@SJIHolliday (In recognition of her assistance and feedback on this story. Thanks again, Sweetie.)






OK – so I broke the rules. Sorry, couldn’t choose. I’m looking forward to reading your extracts!

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