Upcoming Events

(If you would like to book an event, please write to me through the contact page.)

Events in 2020

June 2020

Date: 3.6.20
Author talk at Great Easton WI, 7.30 pm – POSTPONED

Date: 8.6.20
Author talk at Braybrooke WI, 7.30 pm – POSTPONED

Date: 9.6.20
Author talk at Stanion Tuesday Ladies Club, 2 pm – POSTPONED

July 2020

Date: 14.7.20
Author talk at Humberstone Heights & Belgrave WI, 7.30pm – POSTPONED

September 2020

Date: 2.9.20
Author talk at Glapthorn WI, 7.30 pm – ‘Via Zoom’

Date: 3.9.20
Author talk at Caldecott WI, 7.30 pm – POSTPONED

Date: 16.9.20
Author talk at Rothwell Library, 7.30 pm – POSTPONED

Date: 21.9.20
Author talk at Walgrave WI, 7.30 pm – POSTPONED

October 2020

Date: 8.10.20
Author talk at Kettering Book Society – ‘Via Zoom’

Events in 2021

January 2021

Date: 13.1.21

Author talk at Mawsley WI, 7.30 pm

Date: 18.1.21
Author talk at Parkinson’s UK Kettering Branch, 7.30 pm

Date: 27.1.21
Author talk at Breedon On The Hill WI, 7.30 pm

February 2021

Date: 4.2.21
Author talk at Finedon Townswomen’s Guild

Date: 9.2.21
Author Talk at Central Wellingborough WI, 2 pm – POSTPONED

April 2021

Date: 8.4.21
Author talk at Welton WI, 7.30 pm

Date: 27.4.21
Author talk at Oakham WI, 7.30 pm

June 2021

Date: 8.6.21
Author talk at Bitteswell WI, 7.30 pm

September 2021

Date: 2.9.21
Author talk at Caldecott WI, 7.30 pm

November 2021

Date: 16.11.21
Author talk at Glenfield WI, 7.30 pm

Date: 21.11.21
Moulton Literary Festival, Moulton Community Centre & Library,
Sandy Hill, Reedings, Moulton, Northants NN3 7AX

Events in 2022

January 2021

Date: 11.1.22
Author talk at Market Bosworth WI, 7.30 pm

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