We’ve hit the UK stores!


Yay! My book is now available in Waterstones and I’m delighted. What a wonderful feeling to see your own work on the shelf.

Huge thanks go to friends and family that have read, proofed, given advice on cover art, and helped me to achieve this milestone. And special thanks to all the fabulous readers who’ve read the novel so far, including those who have taken the time to write reviews or send me notes and messages to say how much they enjoyed the book. You are all stars!

This is a magical moment that I will cherish, always…

8 thoughts on “We’ve hit the UK stores!”

  1. Well done, Jane! Congratulations! I am very happy for you. I love the photo! Here’s wishing that the next time that I see a photo of you in that store, you are sitting behind a table with a line of worshippers stretched out the door, awaiting their copy to be signed. *waves*


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