A Cover Reveal & Some DC Beth Chamberlain News!

I have some very exciting news to share with you all today regarding the DC Beth Chamberlain (Family Liaison Officer) series but before I do, I want to say huge thanks to everyone who supported the release of my latest novel, A Deathly Silence. It’s been lovely to see such wonderful reviews coming in, so if you have read and reviewed the title please accept my sincere gratitude. I really appreciate your support. (And if you haven’t sampled it yet, you can check it out here.)

So, onto the exciting news! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I originally wrote the DC Beth Chamberlain series as a self-publishing project, and the first two titles, After He’s Gone and Presumed Guilty, have now been released, with a third on the way – yes, the first draft of book 3 is finished, folks! While it has been lovely to learn more about the other side of the publishing business, I have been struggling to find time to focus on the writing which will always be my first love. So, I’m delighted to announce that, with the assistance of my wonderful agent, I recently signed the series over to Aria Fiction who will be taking it forward in 2020.

This does mean that the first two books will be unavailable for a short period while they repackage them, but they will be re-releasing three Beth books next year – including the brand spanking new one – starting with the first on the 9th of January.

I’m very excited about this new partnership, not least because Aria feel these books are more domestic noir/psychological thriller than police procedurals and will be dressing them up as such. They’ve already worked on the first title, changing it from AFTER HE’S GONE to THE OTHER WOMAN, and look at the new cover they’ve come up with!

If you haven’t read the first in the Beth Chamberlain series and would like to dip your toe in, it’s available to pre-order as The Other Woman now. This book amassed 90 wonderful Amazon reviews in its first edition, as After He’s Gone. Here’s the new blurb:

The grieving widow. The other woman. Which one is which?

When Cameron Swift is shot and killed outside his family home, DC Beth Chamberlain is appointed Family Liaison Officer. Her role is to support the family – and investigate them.

Monika, Cameron’s partner and mother of two sons, had to be prised off his lifeless body after she discovered him. She has no idea why anyone would target Cameron.

Beth can understand Monika’s confusion. To everyone in their affluent community, Monika and her family seemed just like any other. But then Beth gets a call.

Sara is on holiday with her daughters when she sees the news. She calls the police in the UK, outraged that no one has contacted her to let her know or offer support. After all, she and Cameron had been together for the last seven years.

Until Cameron died, Monika and Sara had no idea each other existed.

As the case unfolds, Beth discovers that nothing is quite as it appears and everyone, it seems, has secrets. Especially the dead…


Thanks again for your support and happy reading!

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