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I’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently because I’ve been beavering away, working on outlines for two new novels. More about that later. In the meantime, here’s details on the giveaway and a quick update on what else has been going on.


I have teamed up with over twenty other bestselling authors, including some of the biggest names in crime and thrillers right now, to bring you a group giveaway absolutely free.

The giveaway includes stories from our collections and some of them haven’t yet been released, so you get to read them first! All you need to do is to click on the link and follow the instructions here to claim your prize.


I’ve had a busy summer with lots of talks, and also visits to both the Felixstowe and Althorp literary festivals. BBC Radio Northampton’s book club selected The Lies Within as their festival read in October in conjunction with over 36 local libraries. I’d like to thank everyone who has come along to the events or read the books. I’m very grateful for your support.

If you are local to Northamptonshire, my next event is at Moulton Library on Saturday 9th December at 2 pm, as part of their Library Showcase day. Do come along and join me. And if you are not local, don’t worry, we have something for everyone: you can hear my thoughts on writing, researching and the publishing industry through my podcast with Publisher’s Weekly, available here.

Upcoming Work

I’m currently working on outlines for two new books next year. The first is told through the eyes of DC Beth Chamberlain, a family liaison officer which brings a nice new perspective to my detective fiction. Also, DCI Helen Lavery fans will be pleased to hear that I’m planning a new outing for her next year too. More news on both of these coming soon.

Book Recommendations

This season, I’ve been mostly enjoying the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo. Set in the Amish community in the US, these are dark twisty thrillers that I simply can’t put down and, if you haven’t discovered them yet, there are already twelve to devour. Have you discovered a new series recently? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Coming Up

In my winter newsletter, I’ll be offering the chance for a reader to be named as a character in one of my new novels. To be in with a chance to win, sign up here.


Happy reading, everyone!

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