New Release Interview – Over You by Julie Stock

I’m delighted to welcome Julie Stock today as she releases her third book, Over You. I’m widening my reading habits this year, still reading lots of thrillers, but also dipping into other genres when books look enticing. And, as you know, I’m particularly interested in travel and books set in interesting locations so when I came across this new title by Julie Stock, set in beautiful Cornwall, I was keen to feature it on the blog and give it a go! Here’s Julie to tell us a little more about it.

• Can you describe your new novel in one succinct but sensual sentence?

Sam and Jessie are both recovering from broken hearts so can they risk opening their hearts to one another and letting love in one more time?

• Who is your favourite character and why?

I think Sam has to be my favourite character because in the first story of the series, he doesn’t get his happy ending, and yet he’s such a nice guy, so he really deserves to find the woman to love him in this story.

• Which authors have been your main inspirations?

I love Rosanna Ley’s stories for both their settings and their beautiful romances. I also enjoy JoJo Moyes’ and Victoria Hislop’s books. I’m a sucker for a tearjerker!

• How does your writing process work; confusion and paper flying everywhere or calm and ordered?

I’m quite a calm, ordered writer actually. When I’m writing the first draft, it’s just me and Scrivener and my outline (such as it is!) I want so much to get better at planning, and I have done over the books I’ve written (five now, including the two I’ll publish later this year). I still feel I could be better at it though. I work in the mornings at my day job, and then in the afternoon, the writing can take over a bit and because I have to carve my time out like that, I am very organised about doing it.

• What is your guilty pleasure when writing? (Chocolate, wine, coffee…)

I don’t really have a guilty pleasure when I’m writing. I can’t drink wine, otherwise nothing of any sense will come out! I do like a nice cup of coffee or tea but I don’t need them to help me write. I suppose what I like most is peace and quiet to do my thinking!


• Please share your blurb with us

Over You tells Sam’s Story following on from the end of the first book in the series, From Here to Nashville

Can the magic of Cornwall help two lost souls to heal?

Heartbroken after seeing the love of his life marry someone else, Sam Andrews wants to escape all the painful reminders of her and to try and move on. Remembering his happy family holidays surfing in Cornwall, he travels to Newquay to help him forget.

Following a tragic event at university, Jessie Pascoe has abandoned her course and returned home to her mum’s B&B in Newquay. But after months of counselling, she’s no closer to being healed, and she’s lost her faith in ever finding her happy ending.

When Sam and Jessie meet, there’s a mutual attraction, and they begin to see a chance of finding happiness together, if only they can both let go of the past. But can they risk opening their hearts to someone new and falling in love again?

A story of heartbreak, love and healing.

This is a novella of around 35,000 words and can be read on its own but if you want to know how Sam got to this point, it’s worth reading From Here to Nashville.


Thanks Julie! You can purchase Over You here.



Julie Stock is an author of contemporary romance from around the world: novels, novellas and short stories. She indie published her debut novel, From Here to Nashville, in February 2015 and published her second novel, The Vineyard in Alsace last year. Over You (Sam’s Story), her follow-up novella to From Here to Nashville has just been published, and another is under way, as well as the next novel.

She blogs regularly on her website, ‘My Indie Writing Life.’ You can also connect with her on Twitter and via her Facebook Author Page.

She is a proud member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, The Society of Authors and The Alliance of Independent Authors.

When she is not writing, she works part-time for a charity as a communications officer, and freelance as a proofreader, web designer and supply teacher. She is married and lives with her family in Bedfordshire in the UK.

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