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It’s a month today since I cut the apron strings and launched my fifth book baby into the world. I’m relieved to say that it’s off to a great start with an average of 4.8/5 stars on Amazon UK, and many readers claiming it’s my best yet. Phew!

With the month long blog tour now come to a close, it seems a fitting time to say a huge thanks to everyone who has championed it.

First, to all the book bloggers who took part in the tour and arranged, scheduled and shared posts. Book bloggers truly are the unsung heroes of the book world, providing their services to spread the word simply for the love of books. I didn’t realise just how many books they were sent by publishers, in exchange for an honest review, until I visited the lovely Linda Hill’s home recently and she showed me around her study. Wow, you guys are amazing! I’m both humbled and thankful that you managed to find the time to read The Lies Within, and share your thoughts so widely.

I’d also like to extend gratitude to the beta readers, who read early drafts of the book, and all the amazingly talented authors who read early final copies and supplied such wonderful endorsements. Your comments mean the world.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the dear readers who’ve read the book, posted reviews and sent me such lovely messages. Without readers there would be no books, and what a sad world that would be. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and ongoing support.


I’m now tinkering with a new project, a standalone novel, which I’m very excited about! Due to an ongoing neck injury, progress is likely to be slow for a while but I look forward to sharing more details about it with you in future posts.


Thanks again, and happy reading!

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