Novel Challenges – Meet Detective Inspector Jackman

No, it’s not Hugh. The name’s Will. Will Jackman. Although, at first glance, I can see how you might mistake him for the actor. He’s nearly as tall, athletic, dark haired and even handsome in …

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The Character Mug

This week I’d like to share a photo of this delightful mug that one of my friends gave me as a present at my book launch. I should probably say that she is really my husband’s friend as although we had spoken several times via Facebook and email in the past, my book launch party was the first time we actually met face to face. And what a thoroughly lovely lady she is.

Her name (I don’t think she’ll mind) is Kate Anderson and she is an English Literature graduate and great reader, so my husband suggested her as a beta reader for The Truth Will Out when it was in its very raw state. She did a wonderful job and gave me valuable feedback on the plot and characters and I’m immensely grateful for her input.

But the mug was a great surprise! It contains all the key characters from both my first and second books. What makes it especially dear is that it was completed during the drafting stage of book two, and later, as often happens during editing, some characters were withdrawn and others changed names.

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Back in the Game

As my husband returns to work and our lives resume some kind of normality, my mind is turning back to my third book.

There is a strange, almost nostalgic pleasure in character traits entering my mind at passive moments, plotlines swirling around when I’m driving; settings jostling amongst my brain cells, crying out to be considered as I watch my daughter in swim class.

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Author Interview: Joanna Lee Doster

What’s great about being involved in social media are the people you meet, the friendships you form, and the support network that follows.

I would like to share an interview today with Joanna Lee Doster. Joanna has been a great support to me with my book and, in gratitude, I have invited her here to tell us her about her own work: two very different books, ‘Maximum Speed: Pushing the Limit’ and Celebrity Bedroom Retreats.’


Hi Joanna! Without giving too much away, tell us about your latest book?

‘Maximum Speed: Pushing the Limit’ is the first of a series about a multi-generational American family involved in the exciting and highly competitive world of stock car racing. I chose stock car racing because I am such a huge fan. Also, car racing is a metaphor for life; some people are racing to something while others are racing away from something.

In the story, Sean, a young, champion race car driver, the CEO’s son of one of the most successful motor sports team in history, is almost killed in a fiery crash during a race. Then his best friend and teammate Jimmy, a top racer himself, is brutally kidnapped. What makes this even more perplexing is that Sean is beloved by his family, friends and fans. So why is someone out to get him? Will Sean and Jimmy be all right? Will their racing team be victorious? The family bands together to stop whoever it is behind the deadly plot. Will they find out in time? Some interesting life lessons come into play; winning at all costs, overcoming adversity, and putting to the test a moral dilemma: Would you break the law to protect a loved one?

Where do your ideas come from? 

I would say that many of my ideas spring from my active imagination. Many times stories will materialize while I am sleeping and then I’ll have a clear concept when I finally sit down to write.

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